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Here we offer a variety of in-game crate keys, donator ranks, and upgrades, where your money will go to keeping the server running. All items from the store are also obtainable in-game from the daily rewards, weekly events, voting sites, and more!
We greatly appreciate every single donation and you won’t go unnoticed.
Please make sure you only donate when you can miss the amount! We are also in no way affiliated with Mojang.

Here is what Xironite Official Store can offer:

Donator Ranks
With a Donator Rank, you’ll be awarded a cool tagline, beautiful trails, awesome commands and functions to ease up your gameplay. Including that, you also get an awesome XP and job bonus as well! Our medieval ranks make sure everyone online knows who keeps the server running, it could be you!

Crate Keys
We have a set of different crates that’ll reward you with a lot of cool in-game rewards. Rewards from our in-game crates range from Money vouchers to be redeemed for in-game money, to mob spawners, and even some unique items that vary from crate to crate.

Paid Services
We need some rules and guidelines, for your and our safety. Money is no joke, and we vow to handle it in the best way we can. All paid services are classified as non-refundable unless stated otherwise. It is within our right to decline a refund and cancel a paid service if rules are broken. For more information regarding this, please contact the owner. Attempts at PayPal reversals or disputes will result in an immediate ban from the site, server, and where possible and further action might be taken.
Any fees that are incurred during the dispute process may be sought after as reimbursement.

Xironite has the right to immediately terminate or suspend your access to all or a part of the site/services without any notice, regardless of your paid status in the community.


I have a problem with my payment.

For help, please create a ticket on our Discord server. We promise that you'll be met with staff that is ready to help you out in any way the can. 

How do I color my nickname?
You can color your nickname by using color codes from this site.
Examples: "/nick &4Xironite" -> Xironite
/nick &bXironite" -> Xironite

I wish to refund my Donation.

Sadly, we usually do not accept refunds as this is a donation. However, we could accept it on some occasions.
Want to request a refund? Please create a ticket on our Discord server.




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